MVPs of Homeschooling Year One #8

8. Baskets

Clutter…. this word makes my skin crawl.  My temperament doesn’t do well with lots of clutter.  Soon, I realized that homeschooling 3 kids inevitably created A LOT of clutter.  Like, more than I ever thought possible for our house.  I had a few options: 1. Let it go, convincing myself that I could live with the clutter, until I gave up, blew my top and went on a decluttering rampage.  Ok, I tried that.  Not good.  2. Insist that everything be organized by size, shape, theme, purpose, etc. It would look so pretty.  Pinterest would be so proud.  Ok, I tried that one, too.  Not good.  3. Have some baskets and storage bins around.  Toss stuff in and every once and awhile go through it when everyone’s moods allowed for it.  This is the compromise we’ve landed on for now.  There’s a small basket for math stuff, art stuff, language arts stuff, etc. My favorite is what I call the “Toy Catcher”. If I find something random that I know belongs to a kid, I’ll toss it in the Toy Catcher. When the Toy Catcher is full, we will empty it out and put things away where they belong.  This helps me get those things out of my sight, while still allowing them to play with stuff and not be fearful that I’ll toss something in the garbage just because they didn’t clean up every piece perfectly.


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