MVPs of Homeschooling Year One #9

9. Poetry Teatime

We didn’t do Poetry Teatime every week.  We didn’t even do it on any sort of a regular basis. But when we DID do it, it was great.  It was a such a mood-boosting, confidence-lifting, relationship-building practice!  We did a few with just the kids and me, but they preferred it when we invited guests.  We’d make tea, lemonade and treats.  I would check out poetry books from the library.  Anyone at the table was welcome to share a poem.  Kiddos that couldn’t read on their own yet would look through the books for pictures that interested them and ask an adult to read the poem out loud.  Those who were reading on their own had the chance to read any poem they chose out loud for the group.  I loved this because it really encouraged my oldest daughter to read out loud.  She enjoyed “taking the stage” so much that often times, most of the other kids would have already gotten up from the table, and yet there she’d still be… digging through poetry books and finding ones to read out loud to anyone who was willing to listen.  How fun for her!  Another benefit of Poetry Tea Time is giving us all a chance to listen to each other.  “I have one!” signaled to others to give eye contact and listen to the reader. We practiced manners by asking for plates of treats to be passed.  We practiced politely asking to be next and then waiting our turn to share.  So, we read poetry and practiced manners… and they begged to do it more??? What sort of sorcery is this teatime? 🙂

To learn more about the idea of Poetry Teatime, head over to Julie Bogart’s website:

Here’s a list of poems for kids to get started:

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