MVPs Week of July 17, 2017

  1. Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.  I started the series Yoga Revolution.  It’s 31 days long.  I am on Day 6 and am really enjoying it.  Her routines are just enough to challenge me, but not so hard that I feel like giving up halfway in. 😉 She has hundreds of routines focusing on just about anything you can imagine.
  2. Kids Of Victory camp (KOV): This is a camp in the St. Louis area, but people from all over the Midwest travel to attend the camp.  It is a full-day, high energy camp.  It is hard to believe the operation that this camp is!  The older two kids went last year and have been looking forward to this week all year long.  We have a few other families that send their kids too, so it’s a big deal for all of us! The moms get a little bit of time and those of us with littles get to spend some time focusing on them instead of just lugging them around while the big kids dictate how we spend each day.
  3. Prep Dish: I signed up for a free trial for this meal planning service and it has really inspired me to get myself organized to prepare A LOT more of our meals and snacks in advance using one big prep session.  Prep Dish provides gluten free and paleo plans, and for us that works out great.  We all like whole foods, but we fall into the rut of more traditional eating.  This service showed me quickly how much more we can incorporate whole foods easily if I spend a couple hours once a week prepping.  Turn on a Spotify list, get out lots of food storage containers, cutting boards and skillets and let the games begin! This week I made my own plan because we are hosting my cousin’s girls for the week and I thought the menu provided by Prep Dish might be a little too far out of their comfort zone.  I used the basic foundations of Prep Dish’s plans to make my own plan for the week for things like tacos and burgers.  I pulled off the prep! We will see how the week goes.

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